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Travel Podcast by Scottsdale Living

Happy New Year, globe trotters and aspiring globe trotters!

I recently sat down with John Doering of Scottsdale Living here in Scottsdale, AZ to talk about my favorite subject: TRAVEL!

It was my very first time participating in a podcast recording and had no prepped questions in advance, so this was fun and a bit intimidating :)

Find out what one of my best travel day of my life was, what destination has great value for travel in 2024, some tips for Europe travel, why I love French Polynesia AND participate in the Hilton Gift Card giveaway at the end of the podcast!

podcast studio interview in progress
Podcast Studio The Hub in Scottsdale, AZ

Let me know how I can help you get to French Polynesia this year (or beyond), feel free to drop me an email at

Here is the podcast on YouTube:

Safe travels!


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