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10 Tahiti Packing Tips

If you are stuck on what to pack when traveling to Tahiti, here are 10 Tahiti packing tips to get you started!

1. Swim wear, beach cover ups, reef shoes and flip flops

Pack lots of swim wear as this is an ideal water activity destination!

Reef shoes to go snorkeling or to go for a stroll in the shallow lagoons

Pack 1 set of swimwear in your carry on! If your luggage doesn’t make it, you can still enjoy the water!

Girl in green bikini sitting by turquoise colored pool on orange towel

2. Serious supply of sun tan lotion + after sun lotion

Bring reef-safe products from home to save money and also the reefs


3. Light rain jacket and mosquito repellent

You are going to a tropical paradise; depending on the season you will see rain and mosquitoes


4. Water proof bag

To transport your belongings while on a boat, a white-sand beach, going on an excursion


5. Refillable drink bottle

Stay hydrated at all times and reduce plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean


Blond-haired girl with sunglasses holding up a turquoise colored reusable drink bottle

6. Snacks

Food and drinks are pricey, so bring your own snacks for when you are feeling hungry after diving with stingrays and sharks


7. Sarong

The perfect multi-use garment that is popular across French Polynesia and the local ladies will teach you how to tie it in different ways.


8. Medications

Always fill your prescriptions before leaving home and bring some motion sickness, headache, traveler’s diarrhea medications…better safe, than sorry. Pack your medications in your carry-on!


9. Sun hat/cap Stay cool and shaded with a sun hat or a cap. The sun is usually out in full force


light colored straw hat in the sand with a pink cocktail next to it.

10. Under-water camera

Take an under-water camera to capture the truly amazing underwater life. The Insta360 Ace PrO would be a great waterproof action camera to take. Another option would be the GoPro Hero12.


someone swimming in a crystal clear lagoon



What can you leave at home?

A flat iron to style your hair – depending on the season the humidity will undo your effort

Lots of makeup – let your skin breathe the clean Polynesian air

Stiletto or high-heeled shoes – not good for beach walks

Lots of jewelry – buy some nice black polynesian pearls in destination

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