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City Tripping in Sydney, Australia

So what's it like to travel Down Under for a visit to one of the most vibrating cities in the world: Sydney, Australia?

As I suffer from jetlag a lot, I was quite surprised to find out I felt really energetic and rested when I arrived after a 15-hour flight from LAX. I admit, flying in the Polaris class by United Airlines was one of the reasons I was well rested. The flat beds were comfortable, the food was great (including the ice cream sundae) and the service was cordial. Having access to the Polaris lounge before a long flight was also a plus that made the overall travel experience amazing.

So ready to explore Sydney, I checked into my hotel in Circular Quay and promptly headed on foot towards the most iconic building of the city: The Sydney Opera House. Wow, it really is a beautiful building made up of all these little ivory-colored tiles. A guided tour and a performance inside are highly recommended. Within a short walk form there, you can find the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are free and open to the public for strolling around. The fragrance of the different plants and flowers filled my nose. The songs of birds I usually don't see back home filled my ears. It immediately became my favorite spot in the city.

Sydney has so much to offer and is easy to navigate. Ferries, buses, trains and your own two feet, can get you anywhere. There is plenty of opportunity for shopping (my favorite item was multi-colored Aboriginal fabrics that also support Aboriginal artists), eating and drinking and soaking up some sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine: some of the best beaches in Australia can be found right in Sydney and you cannot miss them! World-famous Bondi beach with the swimming club Icebergs and a walk along the Pacific Ocean to Coogee is a great way to get some exercise and explore like a local.

And then of course, there is the unique wildlife! You can easily visit the Taronga Zoo, or head to Featherdale Wildlife Park (about 1 hour train ride from the city). At Featherdale, I petted a cute koala, fed some wallabees and kangaroos and melted for the cutest animal in the world: the ever smiling quoakka! I so badly wanted to cuddle it :)

If you have visited the UK before, you will have this familiar feeling immediately when arriving in Sydney. Locals are friendly and open and they convey this very relaxed atmosphere. It's simply a great place for a city trip, or, even better the start of a greater exploration of the rest of Australia!

I cannot wait to go back myself and more importantly, I am very excited to share my insider knowledge of Sydney with my clients.

Don't forget that Sydney is host to an event called VIVID Sydney. The city's iconic buildings will be lit up with 3D light projections, there are hosted talks, musical performances, ...the event takes place around the end of May every year. Perhaps something to put on your calendar?

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