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Aboriginal fabrics

While in Sydney, I fell in love with the aboriginal fabrics without knowing anything about them. The friendly store owner told me each fabric has a story. The blue one I bought is called "On Walkabout".

The term walkabout refers to a sort of rite of passage that a teenage Australian aborigine would undergo to become a man. The teenager would go out into the bush on their own and use their skills to survive. On a guided tour in Sydney our tour guide said we are going on a "wander" (a short walk), not a walkabout. By then I knew the difference and I was happy to go on a wander :)

This is the story of the fabric by artist Karen Taylor: The story depicts the journey of a young man who leaves his family and undertakes a long walk in search of a partner. Despite visiting many other tribes and family groups he has still not been successful, he makes his own camp and settles at a new site.

The white snake at each group would indicate fertility and a closeness to or favourable relationship with the earth. Since the place where our Young Man has settled also has the snake, we believe the young man’s search will have a happy ending.

Artwork by Karen Taylor, Australian aboriginal artist.

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