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Black sand beaching in Tahiti

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

When you say Tahiti, most likely, your mind takes you to white powder sugar beaches, palm trees and turquoise lagoons and your mind would be right! But let's not forget that the island of Tahiti also has some soft black sand beaches that glisten in the sunshine like little specks of diamonds under your feet. One of these beaches can be found at Matavai Bay on the North Coast of Tahiti, at about 20 minutes drive from downtown Papeete.

It was such a treat to do some early morning walks on this beach. It's easy to get up here as your jet lagged body will just wake up on its own and will be ready to start your day in paradise. So just jump in you clothes, put on your reef shoes and head for the beach.

Black sand beaches are really made from teeny tiny pieces of lava from nearby volcanoes and in some spots, you can see still volcanic rocks sticking out of the water. This specific beach, Lafayette Beach, has surprisingly soft sand, your feet really sink into it, so it's a good morning workout. You can experience the sound of the crashing of the ocean waves on your walk, as well as the tranquility of a nearby lagoon. Two for the price of one....what is not to love?

if you want to visit another black sand beach in Tahiti, you can head to Point Venus, which is on the northern most tip of Tahiti. It seems to be a spot that is more popular with locals, but some Tahiti half day or full day island tours make a stop at this location. I am not a surfer girl, but apparently this is a good location for beginner surfers, snorkeling and also for picnics. The lighthouse and some historical monuments relating to Captain Cook can also be visited there.

Are you ready to plant your little foot prints on the black sand beaches of Tahiti? If you are, please contact us at and work with a destination specialist so your trip to paradise becomes a trip of a lifetime.

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