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Ready to tour the Windy City?

Welcome to the very FIRST blog about Belgians in the world who work in the tourism industry! These posts will be filed under Allez les Belges. As I hail from Belgium myself, I wanted to give the spotlight to some fellow Belgians who have a tourism-related job. Make sure to keep following the blog so you don't miss any of our updates!

Today we meet Leentje De Leeuw:

What is your current job/role in the tourism industry: I am the owner of Chica-GO, a tour company in Chicago (started in 2015). I organize city tours in Dutch, French and English, by foot or bicycle. With its 77 neighborhoods Chicago holds suprises, even for locals. I will gladly reveal the hidden gems during one of my tours or organize a multi day tailored package including both off the beaten path parts and the highlights of the city. 

What is your own favorite vacation destination: I love city trips in Europe: London, Berlin and a recent discovery: Sevilla, Spain!

What is the motto you live by: Work hard, play hard. 

What do you miss most about Belgium:  Besides my family and friends I miss 'een terraske doen' (in English: going out for a drink on an outside terrace) and of course food items (smoske preparé, curryworst special, grey shrimp,...) 

Please contact Daily Travel Dose if you want more information on Leentje's tour company at

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