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Los Angeles is calling!

Welcome to another post under Allez les Belges (where the spotlight is on Belgians in the tourism industry.) Make sure to keep following the blog so you don't miss any of our updates!

Today we meet Nathalie Bevernaegie:

What is your current job/role in the tourism industry? 

I am a tour guide, travel journalist, blogger and the owner of This Way to LA.  I organize walking tours off the beaten path in Los Angeles, mainly in downtown because it is still unknown territory for many tourists. I am very curiuous and adventurous so when I am not guiding, iI am usually traveling or hiking. Your own favorite vacation destination:  I always find something beautiful, nice or interesting in any city or country, but I have lost my heart to Istanbul because I lived there for almost 8 years. It's a magical and fascinating place, a melting pot of cultures and the world's only city that embraces two continents: one arm in Europe, another in Asia.  What is the motto you live by: "If the sun doesn't shine, I will." What do you miss most about Belgium: The obvious: friends and family, but also the cosiness of its cafes, restaurants, the food, green pastures with grazing cows, the seasons, the rain (sometimes)...One morning, after I had been living in LA for six or seven dry months, I jumped out of the bed to check what was going on outside because I heard a strange sound on the deck.  It appeared to be rain. Then I realized how quickly I had forgotten. Weird! 

Please contact me at if you want to get more information about Nathalie's tours in Los Angeles!

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