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Havasupai blues

While the Havasupai falls area of Arizona may have beautiful blue/green waters, it will soon be visitors who will be feeling the blues when trying to obtain a reservation for this stunning location.

Reservations can be made this year as of 8am Arizona time 1st February 2019 online only (do not call). But here's the heartbreaking news: it's expensive! A minimum 3-night stay will be required at $100 (weekday) or $125 (weekend) per person per night. The area can be visited from February to November, so start planning way ahead! The reservation cannot be transferred to someone else and the person whose name is on the reservation will have to be present. No exceptions. $375 per person to go CAMPING on a weekend... If you get sick or just can't make it, you are out of luck. I honestly have sticker shock and am quite disappointed. My calendar had already been marked to go online on February 1st to buy a permit for this year, but now it seems that my day will be less hectic.

If you live in the USA and do make the reservation to visit this gorgeous place, you can contact me for travel insurance. Sounds like that is the wisest thing to do in this case. Email:

All detailed information about the new reservation process can be found on the following website:

SHOUT OUT to who agreed to let me use their photos of Havasupai Falls for this blog post. Please check out their website full of beautiful photos of the American West!

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