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9 Reasons You Should Travel With Friends & Family

Hello there! I just got back from an EPIC road trip in my home state of Arizona with my best friends and I think you should consider traveling with your friends or family members as well. Here are 9 reasons why:

Monument Valley Sunrise
Sunrise in Monument Valley

1. Amazing Photos: Taking a selfie throughout your entire trip really doesn't express how fun it probably was. Besides Instagram worthy photos need more hands. Get your group members to work and capture amazing moments!

2. Companionship: There's nothing worse than traveling without anyone to talk to during the flight, at an amazing sightseeing tour or an evening dinner. However, with a group of friends, you can have all of this without the hassle.

3. Cost Effective: Want twice the fun, twice the savings? Then group traveling is your best bet because everyone will share the cost! Therefore, traveling as a group will help you have fun within a budget. You can also budget and plan ahead 12 – 18 months in advance.  Many hotels, resorts and airline companies offer amazing packages for group travelers. Thus, you end up saving even more than you expected. In addition, you may be eligible for additional discounts and bonuses depending on the number of guests are in your party.

4. It's Safer: Yes, that’s right! It is definitely safer in numbers. When traveling to another country or just an area that you are not familiar with, you are more vulnerable. Now I don't mean you should be shaking in your boots, but think about it… traveling as a group translates to more people. So you don't have to worry about mundane things like taking a walk late at night.

5. Lifelong Travel Besties: Going on memorable tours and facing adventures can bring families and friends closer than you think. Shared interest tends to bond, and bring people closer. Thus, you get to meet some amazing people and maybe even some travel buddies along the way.

6. Loads Of Fun: The fact that you're traveling with a lot of personalities instantly translates to more fun. Bask in eachother's element and have a good time. You will not get bored, as there will always be someone ready to go and adventure with you!

Lower Antelope Canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

7. Take The Stress Out of Travel: You can share the stress and have a more simplified experience. For instance, you may not speak the local language or not be familiar with the customs, however someone in your group may be a polyglot!

8. Takes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Journeying with a group takes you out of your comfort zone, because you may end up trying out new things that you normally would not consider.  Now I don't encourage peer pressure, but I can say that I’m glad that I had that little push to enjoy even more memorable experiences.

Forest Gump Point, Utah
Forest Gump Point, Utah

9. Travel Advisor: A travel advisor can score you a good deal on group rates! They can sometimes also set the group up on a payment schedule, and plan an itinerary based on your groups interest. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started planning your next vacation with family and friends!

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