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General tips for French Polynesia

Let's get you prepped for your Tahiti vacation in the South Pacific!


For U.S. Citizens: Passport must be valid for a minimum of three (3) months after the return date. No visa is required for stays of up to 90 days.


The Island of Tahiti (French Polynesia) use the French Polynesia Franc as their currency. Upon arrival in the arrivals hall of the Papeete Airport, you can go to the ATM and withdraw money in the local currency. The paper money is as beautiful as the islands!


Tipping is not expected by hotel and restaurant staff, but it is still a way for you to reward good service. There are no rules or customs as to the amount of the tip. In the Islands of Tahiti, a service charge is included on the bill for accommodation and dining in large hotels. At the end of the year, this money is divided up and distributed to the staff.


It is summer all year round! The dry season lasts from May to October and has lovely temperatures between 71°F - 80°F. While the humid season typically lasts from November to April, it is a little warmer (between 77°F - 95°F), and you can experience tropical showers, which rarely last long..

Electricity: Some hotels offer either 110 or 220 volts (alternating current) but we strongly recommend the use of an adaptor for any equipment you bring, including laptops. French Polynesia uses Type E outlets, so please bring a converter.


The official language is French, but the indigenous languages, including Tahitian, are still widely spoken in each island. English is spoken widely as well, especially in tourist areas and larger resorts.

Welcome in Tahitian: Maeva! Thank you in Tahitian: Mauruuru! Hello in Tahitian: Ia orana!

Medical services:

There are 2 hospitals in French Polynesia: one on the main island of Tahiti and one on the island of Raiatea. The other islands have smaller medical facilities available.

Useful contacts in case of emergency:

dial 15 : Urgent Medical Assistance Service (SAMU)

dial 18 : Fire department

dial 17 : Police

dial 16 : Rescue at sea

Let's work on your own curated vacation to the beautiful islands of French Polynesia! Reconnect with nature and your loved one and experience the spirit of mana in Tahiti. I will make sure you stay in the location that best suits your style and that you get the best value for your vacation money.

Contact me at to get started TODAY!

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