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7 Free Apps To Make Travel Easier & Worry-Free

1. MyTSA – this is the official app of the Transportation Security Administration. It allows you to check wait times at security checkpoints at key airports and tells you what you can bring with you on a plane.

2. Mobile Passport - this US Customs and Border Protection approved app saves you time in line by allowing users with US or Canadian passports submit their customs declarations through the app, replacing paper forms.

3. Spothero – this app helps you locate parking near the attraction or event that you are attending. You can also pay for parking online using the app which may be cheaper than paying at the parking facility.

4. FLIO – this app includes terminal maps, flight trackers, shuttle busses and everything you need to know for more than 300 airports.

5. TripIt – this app consolidates your flight information, hotel check in-time and more, into a single itinerary using confirmations sent to your email.

6. In Case of Emergency (ICE) – this app summarizes important medical information such as blood type, health concerns and your emergency contacts. Though I hope you will never need to use this information, it can literally save your life if you ever do need it.

7. The apps for your carriers – always download the apps for your carriers as the benefits are numerous. Airline apps allow you to check in, give you your boarding passes, alert you to any schedule or gate changes and even give you free inflight entertainment. Cruise line apps provide you with your cruise documents and even allow you to text your companions for free. The benefits of these apps are numerous so be sure to download the latest versions before you leave home.

I want YOU to have a fantastic vacation wherever you travel! And if you want your trips to be even easier, I'd love to help you! Send me an email to to plan and book your dream vacation to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji or Australia!


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