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The Swedish Wilderness

Today marks my first anniversary of moving to the state of Arizona from New Jersey! Yay!

Welcome to another blog post for Allez les Belges! Today we meet Sylvia in Sweden. Now I want to go on a wildlife safari in Europe...

What is your current job/role in the tourism industry? I'm the owner of Amazing Nature Scandinavia and active as a nature and travel photographer. I offer nature photography workshops in Västmanland, Central Sweden and I work together with local companies for wildlife safaris and lodging. I offer my services as a tour operator to nature lovers and nature photographers. I live in Europe's densest wilderness, a small region with an abundance of wildlife: beaver, moose, lynx, wolves, brown bear and a lot of other animals whom I call neighbors. Your own favorite vacation destination: My husband and I used to travel a lot, we just enjoyed getting away from our hectic jobs. Now that we both work from home in Europe's densest wilderness, we don't feel the need to travel that much anymore. What is the motto you live by: I actually have 2 mottos: 1) I don't have a dream, the dream has me. 2) Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right it is not yet the end.

What do you miss most about Belgium: Besides friends and family, I sometimes miss the spontaneity of just grabbing a drink with friends or colleagues. When it concerns food, I miss Belgian fries, Pisang and cuberdons.

If you want to get more information about Sylvia's Amazing Nature Scandinavia, you can contact Thank you for sharing the photos, Sylvia!

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