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Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Happy Friday everyone (after 1 week off for a trip to Tahiti!) and welcome to another post of Allez les Belges, where the spotlight is on Julie Biesen who lives in Canada (British Columbia). Canada: our beautiful (and cold) neighbor to the north :)

What is your current job/role in the tourism industry? I currently work as the Guest Services Manager for the Holiday Inn West Kelowna, meaning that I lead my team to make sure all guests feel at home from the moment they book a room to the moment they leave our hotel. I collaborate on a daily basis with our teams in Maintenance, Housekeeping, Sales & Catering, and the Restaurant to make sure that every department is functioning properly.

Your own favorite vacation destination? My boyfriend and I take lot of little trips to nearby cities (although we sometimes have to drive 5-6 hours for that), but my all-time favourite holiday destination would still be Egypt.

What is the motto you live by?

“Don’t look back in regret, but move on with hope”, which I have also tattooed on my body. 

What do you miss most about Belgium? Having a decent public transit system and being able to visit a butcher’s store like we have in Belgium. There’s nothing better than ossengerookt, prepare, beuling, etc. :)  

If you want to find out more information about the Holiday Inn in West Kelowna, please contact us at Sorry, I didn't really know how to translate all these butcher items haha...

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