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5 myths about cruising

Not sure a cruise is for you? Read about the following cruise "myths" and perhaps try it out at least once? Who knows, you may be converted :)

1. Cruises Are Only for Older People Absolutely not! Today, cruises cater to diverse groups of people of all ages and with all interests. Activities are typically tailored to include different age groups and activity levels. There are cruises with ziplining, laser tag to bingo and karaoke and many others in between.

2. Cruises Are Expensive To the contrary, a lot of cruises are affordable. You’ll undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised to see how cost-effective a cruise can be. Amazingly, a cruise can offer much better value for your money than many land-based travel packages. A cruise can be a budget-friendly way of visiting new places, meeting new people, chilling out and having loads of fun.

3. Cruises have a lot of Boring Buffets Many people think that cruises serve up the same food day in, day out,with an uninspiring buffet. While many cruises do offer buffet-style dining, the numerous choices and high-quality of the food doesn’t only satisfy; it delights. There are often a la carte restaurants on a cruise ship too, and it’s not unusual to find gourmet cuisine and specialty fare.

A huge plus point is that when you take a cruise you never have to think too much about where to go for your next meal. Those prone seasickness or motion sickness among us know that nothing ruins a vacation faster than constant nausea. But it’s not a reason for writing off a cruise entirely. In fact, a surprising number of dedicated cruisers are prone to seasickness. They just take precautions to minimize or alleviate it.

4. You Get Seasick On Cruises Seasickness is something that can be managed. You can minimize or even eliminate it entirely with the help of medication, sea bands, and patches. Two of the most popular medications are Dramamine and Bonine, can be bought over the counter.

Getting an inside cabin in the middle of the cruise ship also helps!

5. My Disability or Special Needs Prevents Me If you have a disability, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the experience of vacationing on a cruise ship. In fact, cruising is a great way to get out and see the world, especially since the cruise lines are extremely conscious about making the accommodations needed for passengers with disabilities. Fortunately, cruising is among the most adaptive ways to travel. If a cruise ship docks in a US port, it is required to comply with the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This rule has gone a long way to making cruising more comfortable for passengers. These are just a few of the myths that prevent people from enjoying the many features of cruising. I hope you gain the confidence you need to take a dive into the world of cruising; and the information to pass on to others you know who are uncertain about cruising.

If you want more information about the delights of cruising, then don’t hesitate to give me a call or reply to this email. 

I can’t wait to say Happy Sailing!!

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